Saturday, November 23, 2013

Expressions Of Me

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You claim to be a real nigga.  But you’re so see through that I can see right through you.  You’re so two faced that you don’t even know your true face.  Too far gone that you lost track of your roots.  Too busy judging others for their poor mistakes.  Throwing stones while you’re living in a glass house.  You don’t even know them.  The lives they've lived.  Their struggles.  Sacrifices they've made.  You barely even know yourself.  Sitting in the pews every Sunday.  Anxious to get in the word.  When you don’t even know what it means.  When you don’t even know God at all.  Bragging all over town about your ill gotten fame and fortune.  Your prized possessions.  Don’t you know.  It’s the people that make life worth living.  Not material.  The people you step on.  On your way up the corporate ladder.  The people you cut off.  The bridges you've burned.  Trading in your morals for a spot at the top of the food chain.  You might have gained the whole world but you sold your soul.  Worshiping false idols instead of giving the highest praise to the one that brought you through it.  The one that helped you through your tortured past.  The real reason for your existence.  See, your mom raised you to love The Lord but somewhere along the way you forget his name.  You sacrificed so much that you ended up sacrificing yourself and never looked back.  You think she would be proud of the choices you've made to get to where you are.  You forgot about the people who were there for you when you had nothing.  Who always had your back and asked for nothing in return.  You forgot about that little kid who always looked up to you.  But who you never gave a second glance to.  Who you were so quick to leave behind.  That friend you knew way back when.  When your life meant something.  You forgot about me.  You forgot about us.  Look at what you've become.  What you've been reduced to.  See, half the time you walk around with blinders on.  You can see other people but you can’t even see yourself.  Don’t even know the difference between good and evil anymore, don’t even know that this life is gonna be the death of you.  That you’re living on borrowed time.  You wanna know who am I? I’m the only one who gives a damn about you.  I’m your conscience.  Your innocence.  The voice of reason.  Your last shot at redemption.  Your last hope at gaining your humanity.

Eyes Wide Shut

Today brings anew.  A new day.  A new dawn.  New beginning.  A beginning that gives birth to a new ending.  New journey.  New possibilities.  New opportunities.  See, Lord only knows where this road may lead.  But it’s up to us to harvest the seed.  To let it grow and be plentiful.  See, life’s too short to keep doing the same old shit.  Putting all our time and energy into something that’s not beneficial.  Into something that ain’t even influential in our lives.  So many of us strive for better.  But better never comes.  So many of us are unloved.  Unwanted.  Abused.  See we were chosen by God.  Yet so many of us feel worthless.  Misunderstood and useless, but the truth is we just haven’t realized our full potential.  We try so hard to live up to everyone else’s standards that we forget our own.  Constantly settling for less instead of holding out for bigger and better things.  Turning a blind eye to what’s truly best for us.  Living a mediocre life knowing that’s not what God planned for us.  See, life is not just a test for us.  There are no courses to flunk.  No second chances.  See, this is our future.  So many of us choose our own path instead of letting it choose us.  Everything we seek has already been promised to us.  We just gotta want it bad enough.  Live the best life we can live with the tools given.  For everyday is a blessing.  Another chance to get closer to God’s will.  Another chance to get into heaven. 

Another lesson to be learned.  Another story to be told.  Another dream shattered.  Another one left unsung.  Another teacher desperately clinging in the hopes of reaching another lost soul.  See, she cares more for her students than her own.  She’s more passionate than anyone on the board but she doesn't know where to draw the line.  Another kid drops out of school cuz he don’t think he’s good enough.  While the next one is being tossed around from foster home to foster home until the system just gives up.  Making him another statistic.  Another head case.  Filing him under wasted space.  See, they talk about educating our leaders.  But no one is interested in preserving our youth.  Building them up.  Shaping them into who they’re meant to be, what they’re born to do.  Turning them into doctors and lawyers.  Encouraging them instead of deferring them.  Helping them instead of hindering them.  Shaping them to take over the world.  Instead of tearing it down.  See, we weep for the future.  But no one’s willing to change it.  No one’s willing to open their eyes and nurture young minds.  To expand their horizons and look beneath the surface.  Telling ourselves that what we’re fighting for is worth it.

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