Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved in the first place?

I casually stumbled upon @faygeorgina88's blog She quotes those are the words she lives by..It's better to of loved and lost then never of loved at all. I used to live by those exact words and even though it rings true, I still have reservations. Experiencing love, REAL LOVE( and no it wasn't mutual) and heartache, it causes me to pose the question. What if i never loved him? I wouldn't experience the pain i felt when i found my love was not returned, when i found my dreams and visions about him weren't real. Of course, there would be a downside to having my memory wiped..the good memories. The memories of me being apart of his team, of us arguing and him getting on my damn nerves, the jokes and the laughs (all of the above). I loved him for two years and still love him, and even though i didn't know him (i knew him, still do). We didn't have a relationship we had a situationship. We have history, and that's where it gets sticky cuz for me (at least for right now) i'd rather choose the ladder. Love hurts. But the moral to the story is...take the good with the bad. Cherish the memories. Try not to regret it if you can.... My 2 cents