Monday, June 3, 2013

So You Know

He's got a voice like no other Smooth as silk Rich like Butter See the words he speaks Are like fluid through my veins And i can't even begin to explain Just how deep his passion lies He's not only changed our lives But made us apart of his family He's not only a legend in the making But a diamond in the ruff So you know he's more than just ordinary He got a voice that the world needs to hear And a story that needs to be told So you know He's real He's not only an extraordinary artist But an extraordinary human being Destined for great things So much more than what his hands can hold He's born to do this The reason for r&b to begin again The true definition of what's missing A prime example of hard work and determination One of God's marvelous creations A necessary component to life As we know it As beautiful inside As well as out