Friday, March 18, 2016


Happy Friday everyone!

Hope ya'll are well and staying blessed.

I have not posted or wanted to post anything on here lately..which is why I haven't been posting..until today.

We all know the drill.  Same shit.  Different day.

But I have something new to share with my readers, my followers, my fans and to the people who are reading this.

I'm writing a short film under the advisement of my director friend who will co-produce it and get it to The Sundance Film Festival.  The short is called LOU (i'm only two pages in so far so the title is indeed not set in stone) about a woman who is diagnosed with full blown AIDS and finds out she contracted the virus from her husband's secret lover,

It's very deep.  Very personal.  And very foreign to me.

But why just limit myself to writing what I know?  It's the challenges in life that make us great.  And i'm striving for greatness with this piece.

When I was presented with this opportunity to write a short, I was all over the place with ideas (well kinda) until God planted this seed in my head about awareness, not just with AIDS but the choices we make and how they can affect our lives.

I'm sure it's a story that's been told before, but it's her own unique story.

After the script is written and polished, that's when the real fun begins.