Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The memory of her
The idea of her
The dream of her
The concept of her
It's like i'm lost without her
I feel so close to her
But i don't even know her
Yet she's apart of me and I'm apart of her
She's not even born but i already named her
She doesn't exist
Yet i already claimed her
She will never exist and yet i still cling to her
Non-existent or otherwise, she's still mine
A reflection of me.
I feel like I'm going crazy cuz I imagine what she looks like through my eyes
If she has my dimples
Or his nose
His eyes and my smile
I may never know
But this situation has awakened feelings in me I never knew I had
I know I want to be a mother
I know I would give my all to her
Do anything for her
Take lives for her
Beat her if she turns out to be as bad as her cousins
Give her more than I ever had
Protect her
Love her more than anyone ever will
Be there for her first steps
Her birthdays
High school graduation
Mend her broken heart
Tell her men are scum.
Until you find that one
That changes your life
I can't let go of her
I've gotten so used to her
She lives in me forever
I don't even know her
And yet i miss her.

Rest in peace Amari
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