Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nothing like That Feeling Of Accomplishment

Happy Thursday bitches!

It's April 20. National weed day!
 I ain't no weed head but I do like to dabble.
Today is my day off from writing, even though writer's never get a day off.  I finished the fourth draft of Kilbourne. I feel like it's contest ready but I need more eyes on it. I read it, made some notes, sent off to my people (writer friends) and uploaded to one of my writer's groups on Facebook, my Stage 32 account. Now is the hard part. Waiting. For Feedback. Just waiting in general. Hated it *in Antwon Merryweather voice*

This pilot started out as a horror (cuz i'm a horror fanatic. How are you a horror fanatic and don't write horror? It just don't happen like that. Never heard Stephen King write a comedy or Alfred Hitchcock dabble in romantic western) but I went where God took me and it ended up being a psychological thriller. I started writing this in March or April of 2015. Two and a half years. That's a long ass time. It's like a relationship.

It's getting close. 10 days til D day. Wish me luck!