Friday, May 13, 2016

Pop The Cherry

Happy Friday ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is officially Friday The 13th

Which means there will be a Halloween marathon on for the rest of my horror fanatics.
If you are a suspicious person (and I'm not) try not to walk under any ladders or run up on any black cats, or have the black cats run up on you.

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the topics.  I just find it so ridiculous and people have called me ridiculous so it fits.

I woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning, grateful and blessed to see another day.  Still tryna get me myself and I back on schedule but it hasn't happened yet..but I'm not giving up.  Cuz when you find something you like you can't go back to bullshit.
Life is not promised.   Everyday we wake up, do what we love, spend time with the people we love is a blessing.  Something we must cherish and not take for granted.

Topic #2
I recently lost three pounds due to my vegan-esque diet (no bread, pasta, beef, pork, rice, potatoes unless baked sweet potatoes every other day, no dairy, no eggs unless they're white, no flour, no sugar, no salt only Mrs. Dash, no corn, no peas, no cabbage, only four baby carrots a day, only raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, no bacon unless turkey bacon or turkey sausage, no oatmeal unless steel cut, no meat except fish and has to be baked, chicken or turkey)
I plan to stick to this until I reach my goal weight...180
I'm not gonna say I haven't cheated when I have.  When I was babysitting my niece and nephew, of course they weren't gonna eat what me and my mother were eating so we got some extra food and fired up the grill.  Hamburgers and hot dogs.  Calling my name!  I ate a hot dog and later on a bowl of ice cream.    I guess that makes me weak.  We all fall down but we get back up.  Man, Donnie McClurkin's song is in my head right now.

Topic #3
Regarding my pilot, the last post I made I was fifteen pages in.  There have been some changes since then.   I haven't felt like doing anything, let alone writing until recently.  I hadn't written an outline before I started and was stumped.  I would sit in the chair, laptop on my lap and stare at the screen.  Writer's block, overthinking or too much in my own it whatever you will.  It had got so bad that literally i felt like crying.  I wanted to write so bad but instead of everything coming up roses, everything was coming up crap.  I couldn't even make crepe'.

Things are looking up for me though.  I've had a creative breakthrough.  I'm unblocked.  Ideas are pouring in.  Loving where the story and the characters take me.  I plan on riding this mother^^^^a out til the wheels fall off.  Also I'm changing the setting, bringing the beginning into the new millennium instead of 1963, which would make it inspired by my novella.  Have someone in mind to play the dirty cop but it's too soon to tell.   Finished 6 pages yesterday, after starting from the beginning and getting my breakthrough.  I'm still fifteen pages in...but now I can see over the horizon.
It's gonna be a dark and twisted beautiful journey.