Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poetry Hour

She was born into a world that wasn't her own
She never felt safe
Not even in her own home
Conceived by a child that never grew up
Disregarded by a woman who never knew love
Cast aside without a second glance
Tossed out like pure street trash
Turned away by the one that bore her
Taken advantage of
By the only one who claimed to love her
The only one who had the power to destroy her
He spoiled her
But it came at a price
Her body
For the finer things in life
When she resisted
She saw a side of him that she thought never existed
A demon
Instead of her savior
A dark entity
Instead of her serenity
He ruined her
And made her irrelevant
A victim of her environment
Another statistic fallen by the waste side
An unplanned pregnancy she couldn't afford
An unborn child she was forced to abort
She could be anything she wanted
But no one believed in her
So she chose not to believe in herself
No one ever loved her
So she doesn't know what love is
Never took the time to learn to love herself

A Couple Developments & Random Shit

It's Thursday people! What you doing with your life?

I'll start with the developments and end with the random shit.  Here we go.

I'm currently in the process of rewriting my horror short FEAR, wrote a detailed outline and everything cuz it felt rushed, which would make this the 6th draft but I'm gonna stop until it hit 10. Until i'm completely and utterly confident cuz rewriting is writing. Rewriting is fundamental.
Still learning how to master the horror structure.  I'm sticking to it because this is  the genre I picked.  This is the genre I live for.  I LOVE horror and gore at the same damn time.  Grew up on Tales From The Crypt, Carrie, Psycho and some other scary shit.  I could be Hitchcock's illegitimate black daughter, you don't know.

The deadline for Stage 32's Search For New Blood contest has expired and I'm sad to report I did not have a finished product to submit.  However, that's not gonna stop me from finishing the script.  I feel like every vampire movie or tv show I've seen pales in comparison to my kind of vampires.  I feel like i'm the only one who can introduce the world to my breed of vamps, and I'm more than grateful for the privilege.
The last vamp tv show I watched was Van Helsing, and I couldn't get into it.  Let's forget the fact that they look like extras from The Walking Dead.  Are they vampires or are they zombies? Do they want brains or do they want blood? I can't tell.  Anyway,  it's the zombie apocalypse and the survivors are held up in this hospital, along with the soldiers, the zombie doctor and the main character one of the soldiers (Axel) is sworn to protect.  The main character (Vanessa) is laid up on a operating table, a zombie comes in and bites her neck.  Afterwards, he starts spitting out blood.  She awakens and punches the shit out of him.  Later on, the zombie reverts back to a human and we find out there's something special about her blood.  Her blood is the cure.  So they basically ripped off I Am Legend.
All that aside, I still couldn't get into it.  I didn't care about the storyline or the characters or what happens if the zombies got a hold of Vanessa.  I'm not knocking the show. It gets points for being kind of original.

While we're on the subject, it kinda has that Warm Bodies feel to it.  Horrible movie by the way.  The zombies aren't all bad, all they need is TLC. Like they have a cold and chicken noodle soup is the cure. GTFOH.  You think these lovesick zombies would stand a chance against the Resident Evil Zombies?

Right now I'm at my desk sipping on a big ass mug of tea.  I'm going back to tea since I feel like coffee makes me more irritable.  And the strange thing is, coffee used to have a revers effect on me but now up is down and down is up.  I love coffee, my favorite is Folger's Black Silk, but I find myself cranky all the time when I don't have it.  I don't know.  I can't be the only one.  I still love coffee, i love tea too but it's a different kind of love.  I'm a coffee addict now, itching for her next hit.

Let's talk about these telemarketers, OMG they blowing up my cell, blowing up my home phone.  I'm like lee me lone(leave me alone).  I ain't humoring you.  If I don't recognize your number or got it in my memory bank, I ain't picking up the phone.  I hope you stay broke. Cuz ya'll work on commission.

Until the next time...........

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Don't You Just Love Updates Part 2

Happy Tuesday beautiful people! Hope you started your day off right.  I sho nuff did.  You know they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and..turkey sausage on the side.

Gotta get rid of this gut I'm sporting.  I keep cheating but I don 't stop trying.   Back at week 1.

A lot has changed in a month's time...well maybe not a lot.  But a significant amount where I feel like I need to update y'all on some shit.

Regarding Black Lives Matter, still not giving up on that..just putting it to the side for a minute.
In other news, a producer from Stage 32 hit me up on Facebook saying he was looking for a short film to produce.  He liked the logline of my horror short on my site.  FEAR was reborn.  After more than a couple rewrites and emails back to back, I finally completed the short and now I'm waiting for feedback.  If all goes how it supposed to go, I will see FEAR in development.
Now I before I looked him up, I thought he was some random..and being the suspicious person I am, I asked questions and did my homework and IMDBed him.  He's legit so...I'm all for making magic when magic happens...or something to that accord. (I'm not good with words).

I've also been offered a proofreading gig.  Let be clear, I hate proofreading.  I applaud the people who can actually without killing themselves.  I commend the people who actually love it. I don't see how you can love it..but to each their own.
I did it once. I can't, for the life of me, do it again..but money is a great incentive.  That's all I gotta say about that.
I'm currently writing a vampire horror script for Stage 32's Search For New Blood Contest, and when I say horror I mean horror.  None of them watered down or lovesick vamps, REAL vampires.  Savage beasts.
I grew up on The Lost Boys and Fright Night.  I want it to take it to the next level,.
I just need more time on this deadline.  Pray For me.

Last but definitely not least, Blood Is Thicker Than Water.  The pilot is still going strong.  Still on Act three.
I didn't do an outline before I began.  I LOVE the purpose of an outline but I rarely do them.  I like to dive right in and what happens is, it takes me about 5 or 10 minutes to come up with something new to write (roughly).  But that's my process for now.  I plan to outline in the future, if my brain will allow it.
I gotta say i'm loving my 40's! So much better than my 30's.  And I only have GOD to thank for that.  For giving me this amazing gift and all HE's done for me.  I'm blessed.

I want to thank you  for reading.  Thank you for visiting, and thank you for sharing.  Live, Laugh, Be happy.  Love more and hate less.  Blessings xo