Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Don't Just Talk About It, Be About It

I'm back for another round.    Today is officially Wednesday

Hey ya'll!  How's it going?  
I've been busy.  Busy writing, networking, hanging with my family from LA.  I love them and everything (we had a blast! but I'm so glad they're gone so I can get some rest.  Every time they leave, I'm tired.  But there's a different level of tiredness every time)
Side note: I'm not too tired to jump start my career and get this money.

Aside from working on LOU, i'm working on a dark thriller TV series (I'm fifteen pages in as we speak)
It's based on my novella and the ideas I have for a prequel and the sequel, which means I've decided not to complete my novel series (that shit would be redundant as hell)  After weighing the pros and cons of a feature film vs Pilot, TV pilot is more my speed, considering the characters I've created an how I'm not remotely done with The Alex/Henry character (my beloved creation) and the longevity of it.

The Teaser:   A dark man's past collides with his future.

The beginning of the pilot is set in 1963.   We see his story and what transpired to make him the monster he becomes later on.   
As of now anything that i haven't put in FD is still up in the air.  But i'm hella excited about where it goes, where it takes me, where it leads.  

If it weren't for the jerk that broke my heart and showed me the stranger within him, this Alex/Henry character wouldn't have been again I thank him only for that.
I have him in mind to play the character he inspired once this series is off the ground and on a cable network, but I'm not holding my breath.

Not only have I talked about my business, I'm about my business..
Don't believe me just watch.