Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's A Process

So here I am, on my seventh draft... 105 pages down and 16 more to go.  Add all that up it comes to 121, which is too long according to most people.  The industry standard is 120 but correct me if I'm wrong when I say it's not written in stone.
It's not one of the ten commandments Moses read to the Israelites or anything but I do think more than 135 pages is too much.  Just find your happy medium.

I will post my revised copy as soon as it's done.

What else is there to talk about?

I joined Stage 32 last year.  For those of you who haven't heard, it's a premiere social networking site for Film, Television and Theater creatives (i sound like an ad).  In my own words it's for industry professionals and people want to break into the industry.  It's keep track on of your participation (karma points) Mine is 39, which is the prolly the lowest.  I'm working on being more vocal and networking and putting myself out there ( all that good stuff)

50 % networking and 50 % honing your craft.

.......that's it.

Stay Tuned X

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