Friday, January 29, 2016

Bring It Back

Happy Friday ya'll!

Anyway, i finished my seventh draft.  Now FINALLY i can finish working on Blood Of Secrets (as I've said before and I will again, I suck at multitasking.  My multitasking skills are at zero.  I'm a good multitasker when it comes to other things but when it comes to my craft I can't seem to do it, it's so weird)
When I left Blood Of Secrets (the sequel to Blood Is Thicker Than Water)  William was arrested for the attempted murder of his son, after hearing his wife died in the delivery room he didn't want to be a father anymore and blamed Henry (his son) for her death and convinced himself he had to get rid of him.

After the cop (Frank) booked him and threw him in a holding cell, he wrote a phony police report charging William with murder so he could steal his son and raise him as his own.
Frank leaves the department while planning on what to tell his wife without raising suspicion.  

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