Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Newbie to book marketing

I recently paid for a promotional service to promote my book. It was 99$. Any higher and I wouldn't have done it.  I did because clearly because my promotion sucks.  I can admit it.  All I can say I did my best (got my book on B&N Nook, google play and Kobo and send out some free press releases, used Twitter, FB , Instagram and Google + to my advantage, got 31 downloads on my free days, some sales) but I guess it wasn't good enough.  But i'm reminded of what my ex online friend told me.  To just be patient.  While it is true, i haven't fully mastered that yet.  But I don't want overnight success.  Because while it would make me happy, it could be taken away just as easily as I got it.  So while i'm learning to be patient i'm still learning the ropes of book marketing and promotion
The fat lady hasn't sung yet
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