Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We say goodbye to 2013
And hello to 2014
Making room for new opportunities
Considering the possibilities
Making New Years resolutions that never stick
Saying things like I'm gonna lose 30 pounds
Imma quit smoking or quit drinking
But never getting around to achieving it
Thinking all they gotta do is say the words and God'll pull them through
God helps those who help themselves
And those that better themselves
Everybody's screaming New Year New Me
And i'm like New Year
Old me
Different mindset
Cuz i wasn't fully awakened yet
I was still stuck in the past
Not what is
But what was
What shoulda been
What coulda been
It shoulda been us
But there is no us anymore
Said goodbye a long time ago
You and me equals mess
A mess i can't clean up
A mess i can't make sense of
My eyes are open
And finally see myself for who I am
Not that person i forced myself to be
I loved you
I looked up to you
Wanted to be like you
But you can't love anyone
Cuz you can't even love yourself
How could I look up to someone so small

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