Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Waiting Game

Happy Wednesday people!
Today's officially hump day......just another day to a boss. But for the rest...the weekend's almost here. Time to grab a coke and a smile (preferably with liquor in it, hence the smile) and pat yourself on the back.

I've been keeping busy with writing the series overview for Kilbourne, The pilot script is finished. I've completely abandoned it. I've submitted the script to five different contests. It's definitely addicting. My limit was four, it was actually three. But then I saw Final Draft's Big Break and WILDsound's Screenplay and feedback festival and I was like " What the hell?" Throwing in there for good measure. But after that, i refused to spend any more, even though it's an investment. I'm not made of money. I'm not Oprah. I'm not even my Aunt Tilda, and she got money.

What do you do after you enter 5 or a string of contests? You wait. Play The waiting game. I don't know about you but I don't have the patience of JOB.
When we're little, we wait to grow up. We wait to be of certain age to drive, and to drink. We wait to have sex (some of us) etc,......  When we see our doctors or endocrinologists, we have to wait for that shit too.  We wait in that room. Wait for some chick or dude to call our name. Wait for the doctor to finally see us, then wait to be checked out. You'd think we'd be masters of The Waiting Game by now. And some are. I'm clearly not.
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