Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poetry Hour

She was born into a world that wasn't her own
She never felt safe
Not even in her own home
Conceived by a child that never grew up
Disregarded by a woman who never knew love
Cast aside without a second glance
Tossed out like pure street trash
Turned away by the one that bore her
Taken advantage of
By the only one who claimed to love her
The only one who had the power to destroy her
He spoiled her
But it came at a price
Her body
For the finer things in life
When she resisted
She saw a side of him that she thought never existed
A demon
Instead of her savior
A dark entity
Instead of her serenity
He ruined her
And made her irrelevant
A victim of her environment
Another statistic fallen by the waste side
An unplanned pregnancy she couldn't afford
An unborn child she was forced to abort
She could be anything she wanted
But no one believed in her
So she chose not to believe in herself
No one ever loved her
So she doesn't know what love is
Never took the time to learn to love herself

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