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Excerpt of Blood Of Secrets

It's been a minute since I blogged.. didn't think I was the blogger type....

But here I am, sharing with ALL of you what I'm working on ( bare in mind this is still in rough draft so all comments about grammar can go to the left LOL)

Book two does not continue where the first one leaves off (that's actually book three) so if you're familiar with book one or not familiar, you won't be out of the loop.

This is a different story entirely.  It's about Alex/Henry...and the secrets from his past (Hence Blood Of Secrets)

                                                          Next O Kin
                                                          Blood Of Secrets
                                                           Book Two

                                                          * * * * *

A black 1963 Ford Mustang emerged from the cold, wet streets of Youngstown, New York.  A child was being born before his time.  Not just any child.  Their first.  Wanting kids of their own, William and Karen Vada tried endlessly after they were married.  Karen, although susceptible to pregnancy, was incapable of carrying them to term.  They had several miscarriages and nothing to show for it.  William gave up on the idea of being a father and was content with only having one person in his life.
He was the kind of man with nothing to lose.  The kind of guy everyone liked and was secretly suspicious of.  They didn’t ask too many questions and he didn’t get too familiar.  A tall, slender man of generous proportions with eyes that were crafty as well as wise.  His wife was the exact opposite.  The pin-up girl type with a smile and audaciousness that could light up the dimmest of rooms.
They were together for twenty years and married for ten.  They were just two kids playing in the sandbox when they met, they liked each other right off and developed a lifelong friendship until they could engage in extra-curricular activities. 
Sandbox love never dies.  He thought, paced up and down the linoleum floor.  The sound of his soles adding pressure to the tiles with every step.  He finally settled down in the chair, legs crossed and the pointy hat in his lap.  William extracted a silver cigarette case from the Houndstooth check sport coat, stuck one in his mouth and lit up.  He exhaled deeply, remembering how his eyes grew wild with wonderment whilst hearing his son’s strong heartbeat and completely immersing himself with the conception of fatherhood. 
William nursed his second cigarette to the bud, noticed a man in all white walking toward him—his shoes squeaking with every moment—the white gloves marked with blood.  William searched for an expression on his face.  His appearance left less to be desired.
“What’s up Doc?” William asked.
“Will.” The middle-aged man addressed.
William looked at the gloves—the large specks of blood that covered, causing his facial expression to vastly change.
“Is that her blood?” William asked, furrowing his brow.
“I’m sorry.  I did everything I could to save her...but there were some hiccups.”
“What kind of hiccups?”
“Her heart rate slowed down dramatically.  She bled to death Will.”
Will covered his mouth, closed his eyes and breathed deeply.  Tears welled up in his eyes.  He couldn’t even begin to fathom the circumstances that lie before him.
“I warned her this would happen if she had another baby.” The middle-aged man shook his head.
“Another baby?” William asked, darting his eyes.
“Don’t flip your wig, I’ve said too much already.” The middle-aged man said.
As the doctor retreated back to his office, William grabbed him by the collar and demanded answers.  Why would she keep this from me? He asked himself.  If there was anything he hated more it was keeping secrets. 
“Get your damn hands off me!” The middle-aged man uttered.
“Tell me.” William demanded, loosening his grip.
“Okay, okay.  It was before you two were an item.  She got pregnant by some Gook fresh off the boat, I didn’t catch his name but he wasn’t around very long.  Her body wasn’t strong enough to deliver.  Karen almost lost the baby, by sheer determination she survived and the half-breed was born.  Can you imagine the toll it took on her?  Karen was in the hospital for months. Even though she got her strength back but her childbearing years were behind her.  Satisfied?”
“Where’s the kid?”
“Hell if I know.  It was a mistake that she regretted for the rest of her life.”
“Why didn’t she tell me?”
“She was ashamed.  Karen knew how much you wanted a rug rat of your own and wanted to give that to you even if it meant her death.  You have a son, would do you intend to do about it?” The middle-aged man asked, gave him a pat on the back.
Thoughts and questions consumed William’s cerebrum whilst traipsing toward the nursery.  How can I look at him?  How can I look at him and not see her?  He killed my wife.  How can I love someone like that?  I don’t need another mouth to feed, all I need is her.  He’s a part of me, but I didn’t sign on for this.
“Look at him, can you imagine anything more beautiful?” The middle-aged man peered through the window, smiling at the red-haired cooing baby.
“Yes, my wife.” William said, staring at the baby intently as the nurse held him up.
All he wanted was to be father.  Now it seemed less desirable to him.  It came at the expense of his wife and with that, his perfect family image faded away.  He didn’t have the capacity to be a single father, thus he contemplated how he would get rid of it.
“Aw will you wake up and smell the miracle.  Got a name yet Will?

Two days later William took him home and tried to see it for what it resembled.  Ill-prepared and distraught over what he had become, he despised it and saw it as a tragedy, an entity that needed to be extricated by any necessary measure.  On top of it all, William had to face that the one person he trusted betrayed a sacred vow.  He had no secrets from her yet she kept one from him.  The very thing he detested.

An unkempt Will cracked open the bottle cap and indulged in his 4th beer, removed his wedding ring and put his feet up on the table while inadvertently knocking off the empty beer bottles and ashtray.  As the bottles hit the floor, Henry’s infernal wailing took its course.  William was annoyed and also wallowing in his own sorrow.  He had retrogressed.  He didn’t show up for work for weeks at a time and wore the same suit for three weeks in a row.  The upkeep of his house was in ruin.
“I can’t get keep doing this Will.  The baby needs food, milk and your love for Christ sake.” The attractive old German woman said, hauling groceries, then unloading them.  She was known as Lorna, his caregiver since he was a little boy.  William Sr was an infinite disappointment or so that was the tale that was heard around the neighborhood.  Lorna was everything a mother should be.  Warm, caring, and firm when needed.  She took pride in raising William and was adamant on turning him into a man any woman would want on their arm.
“There is no god.” William said, sipped the beer.
“Karen wouldn’t allow this, where is she?”
“She’s gone.”
“You said that the last time.”
“It’s the truth isn’t it?  Karen died giving me what I wanted most.  In life as well as in death she’s a “real hero to the cause.”  She’s also a rotten liar.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?  When’s the last time you ate, or even cleaned yourself up?” She asked.
“Are you writing a book?” He said, swallowed the beer.
The woman comforted the child, advanced to the kitchen and warmed him some formula on the stove.  She glared at her broken-down son and shook her head.
“If you need help with the funeral arrangements--“She said, placing the bottle in the child’s mouth.
“I don’t.” He interrupted, swallowed the last drop of beer and slammed it on the table. 
William patrolled to the kitchen, averted his eyes and grabbed another beer from the refrigerator.  As he fished for the bottle opener, Lorna snatched it from his grasp and poured it down the sink.  She stood in front of the refrigerator door, ordering him to hold his innocent baby boy. 
“I can’t look at him.” He said, turning his head, reveling in his drunken stupor.
“He’s your son.” She said sternly.
Lorna tried to talk some sense into him but her efforts went unnoticed.
“He’s the devil.” William said, looked at the infant like he was an insect.

                                             * * * *
The newborn fell asleep on her chest, formula still on his lips.  She utterly adored Henry.  Cute as a button, red hair, and creamy jade eyes like her mother, dimple chin like his father, dressed in a hospital onesie.

                                                    * * * *
Lorna entered the baby room and put him down for a nap.  She draped the blanket over him and watched as he slept.  She leered at him, imagining her son lying there.  So peaceful, like an angel.  She thought.  Lorna lightly stroked his face whilst singing an old lullaby she learned as a young girl. 
Twenty minutes later, Lorna crept out of the room and informed her disheveled son she would be back within the hour.  She opened the door, took another look at him and mumbled obscenities in her native tong as she shut the door.
William sprung from the sofa, sauntered in the kitchen and took the last bottle of beer from the shelf of the refrigerator.  His hand shook as he popped off the cap.  William put the bottle to his fine lips and downed the bitter brown suds that proved to be his solace.
He traveled to the deep and darkest places of his mind, finding fault with the emotional turmoil that befell him.  William couldn’t live without her.  They vowed to be together forever.  William felt as if someone had ripped his heart out and fed it to the sharks.  He picked up the ring and read the inscription.  Always and forever.  Forever wasn’t long enough in his world.
“Damn you!” William shrieked.
In a drunken rage he knocked over the table, sending countless beer bottles crashing as they hit the floor.  William kneeled down and screamed in agony, thus waking up the child in the next room.
He extracted the pistol from the secret hiding place Karen new nothing about.  William always kept it loaded just in case it came in handy.  It added a level of security that he was accustomed to. 
William switched off the safety, lodged it in his mouth and cocked the gun.  He stared as his finger moved dangerously close to the trigger.  A small tear trickled down his cheek.  It’ll be quick and painless.  He thought.
William closed his eyes, exhaled and squeezed the trigger as life flashed before them like a movie projector.   Good things.  His life with her, the day they met, a string of firsts, which included their first date and first kiss. The kind of stuff they promised to tell their grandchildren.  He remembered how she was—her eyes glistening in the moonlight—her free flowing hair always smelling of jasmine—the way she looked at him like he was the only one in the room—her golden skin—how beautiful she looked in the sunlight.
He grinned at the image in his head as the revolver went off…

                                                           * * * *

William misfired and the bullet punctured his left cheek.  The sound of the infant’s cries banged in his eardrum.  He then directed all his anger to the source of his heartache.  Henry.  William knew something had to be done.  He took away his one true love.  He was half a man without her.  William had to kill him and banish him to hell.  There was no other choice.

William entered the baby’s room, glanced at his innocent face as he raised the pistol and aimed it at his temple.  Sorry kid, but happily ever after isn’t in your future.  He thought, taking a slow pull of the trigger.
Over his shoulder he heard the deafening sound of knuckles pounding on the front door. 
“Youngstown PD! I got an anonymous tip about a disturbance.  Open up.” The patrolling officer said, with a thick New York accent.
William ignored him and continued concentrating on putting an end to his son.  He eyed the child closely.  Instead of seeing him as an adorable creation, he saw him as a monster.  William quietly cocked his gun.  Before he drew a long pull from his gun, the door took another pounding from the antsy police officer.
“Open up or I’ll beat the door down!” The antsy detective shrieked.
William was a man on a mission and acted as if he was compelled by some dark force.  He took a tug of his revolver, disregarding the detective’s attempts to break the door down.  The outside noises vanished from his mind completely.  In that moment there was no one else but them.  In that moment something inside him snapped.
The statuesque detective forced himself in with one powerful kick, his .38 special at his side.  He reached for it and hoisted it in the air, checked the perimeters as the screaming baby became his guide.  He followed the sound to the cornered off room.  It was cold and dreary.  Two hot tears formed in the infant’s eyes, almost burning him.  The tears streamed down his face as William took the shot.  The bullet oozed out of the barrel, heading straight for Henry.  The cop quickly dove in front of the infant as he risked life and limb.  The pellet came flying toward him as it penetrated his shoulder, forcing him to retaliate.  William plummeted to the carpet, felt the blood from the gunshot wound.
“Good shot Frank.” William said.
His name was Frank price, a thirty-four year old cop with a tough-as-nails attitude and a squeaky clean record to boot.  Tall, lanky, had a head of hair as black as a raven, eyes like emeralds and a unique beauty mark on the left side of his face.  He had an air about him that screamed confidence and due diligence.  Frank was still working his way up and getting praise for his hard work and devotion.  Frank’s colleagues saw him as a valued asset to the force and predicted he would be chief one day.

Frank extracted the cuffs from the holster and held his arms down, tightening them around his wrists.
“You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to an attorney, if you can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed for you--“
“You gonna tuck me in too?” William interrupted, treaded to the door.
“Keep walking dipstick. I don’t get you. I would give my right arm to have a little tike like yours.  My old lady stopped trying weeks ago.” Frank said in a cavalier sort of way. 
“You want him?  You can have him.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” William instructed.
“Less yammering more walking.” Frank demanded as he guided him out the door.  William gave a grimacing look whilst trudging past the broken beer bottles to the driveway.
Frank assisted him in the back of the police car and closed the door.  He then went back in the house, grabbed a blanket and wrapped the infant in it.  He looked at the green-eyed monster William dared to exterminate and felt nothing but pity.  Every child that’s born into the world should be a blessing, not a curse.  That selfish prick doesn’t realize what he has.  He thought.
Cradling the cooing child in one arm, Frank carried him out to the car and placed him under the glove compartment, laying him down on the plush carpet.  He inserted the key in the ignition and put the car in drive.  Pressing his foot on the gas pedal, Frank barreled off.  William peeked out the window, averting his eyes at the cop in the driver’s seat.  As they passed the neighborhood, he saw his former self on the sidewalk accompanying a gaudy redhead that bore a striking resemblance to his wife.  William turned away for a brief second.  When he returned, they were gone.  They were figments, not of his imagination but of his former life.  William was a different man now, a soulless shell of a human being.  Life saw to that, as well as death.

Frank stared at a scruffy-faced William as he closed the holding cell.  He turned the key counter clockwise and locked it.  He went back to finalizing his report on his trusty typewriter while the newborn lay comfortably in a compartment below his desk, even though the report he so eloquently punched up showed no record or attempted killing of a minor.  He had planned on putting him away for a long time.  He charged him with voluntary manslaughter and child abuse.

William sat on the well-made cot.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d end up here.  This was the last place that anyone would suspect, a strange turn of events that led to his spiraling downfall.  He had gotten to the point that he didn’t care where he was or how long he was going to be out of circulation.  William’s mind ran wild of Karen’s deep secreted past and he blamed her for the child that was supposed to be his and for letting another Gook walk the earth.  He wondered where he was now.  The thought of a mixed breed being related to him in any way turned his stomach.  Who was this Gook fresh off the boat anyway?  And why was Karen so willing to fuck him?  He asked himself.

                                            * * * * *
“I’m here to see William Vada.” A soft voice said.  The word oozed out of his mouth effortlessly like butter.
“And just who are you, boy?” Frank asked, sizes him up while dunking a donut in his strong coffee and taking a bite.  He thought it was redundant for a monkey to be in a monkey suit.  Where people considered him a racist, he considered himself to be a realist.  But fortunately everyone in the precinct didn’t share his sentiment.
“I’m not a boy.  Nicodemus Stiles, public defender.  The judge assigned me to this case” Nicodemus replied, smiled to keep an even keel.  He’d been around people like him half of his life and compared to them he was a bunny rabbit.
“It’s an open and shut case.  Plain as black and white.”
“I’ll be the judge of that.”
“It’s your dime, brother.”
Frank dusted the sugar from his hand, grabbed the key and led the way downstairs to the holding cell.  He was still hoping things would go according to plan.  He had planned to raise Henry as his own and tell him he killed his real father in self-defense.  He’d be on death row before anyone finds out what’s really going on.  He thought.

As they walked to the cell, Nicodemus took in the steel bars and a slumped over William, a hint of despair that seemed to permeate the room. 
William took one look at the defense lawyer and didn’t think nothing of him at the time.  He didn’t want a lawyer, didn’t matter what color he was.  He had nothing to live for and wasn’t sorry for what he did.  I only wish I could’ve finished the job.   He thought. 
 “Aye Will, lawyer’s here.” Frank said, shoved the key in the keyhole, opening the cell.
“I don’t have a lawyer.”
“Sidney Poitier over here begs to differ.”
“We all look alike to you don’t we?” Nicodemus replied, giving a polite grin.

Frank walked away before a derogatory comment oozed out of his mouth. 

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm--"

"You're wasting your time."

                                   * * * * * *

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