Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I've been trading in my author hat these days for my screenwriter hat.  I suck at multitasking.  UGH! among other things my poetry hat has been on pause for the last six months or more :(((((((.  I miss spitting real shit.

Anyway, yes i have gotten my feet wet again in the screenwriting pool, even though the last time i took a dip i couldn't finish a single script to save my life.

But I digress, this time is different.  The script I'm finishing up on is based on my debut novella (Blood Is Thicker Than Water) the first installment of my new adult dark thriller series (If you haven't got it yet click here.  PERMAFREE for the kindle version and $10.23 for the paperback)  It has gotten some great reviews and a few nasty reviews which aren't called for nor appropriate.

The heart and soul of the story are these two girls (fraternal twins) who have nothing left but each other.  There are thrown into a world that is corrupt and fueled by power, the twins' lives spiral out of control after they are contrived to live into two separate foster homes.

          What happens next?  Well, I don't want to give too much away, if you really want to know.......pick it up.  

If you love book 1, you'll love book two (Blood Of Secrets)
   It's about Alex/Henry and his family secrets that are long buried....

Happy Hump Day

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